Rule 532-X-3-.06  -  Fee Schedule

(1) Fees for applications, licensure, and services by the Board shall be as stated in Section 34-43-14, Code of Ala. 1975, as may be further amended by statute, and in addition administrative fees may be charged as follows, effective January 1, 2023:

(a) Massage Therapist Initial License Fee - $100.00
(b) Massage Therapist License Renewal Fee - $100.00
(c) Massage Therapist Renewal Late Fee - $ 25.00
(Less than one year past expiration)
(d) Massage Therapist Reinstate Fee - $ 75.00
(More than one year past expiration)
(e) Establishment License Initial Fee - $100.00
(f) Establishment License Renewal Fee - $ 50.00
(g) Establishment Re-Inspection Fee - $100.00
(h) Massage Therapy School Initial and Renewal - $150.00
(i) Massage Therapy Instructor Initial and Renewal - $100.00
(j) Duplicate License Fee - $ 10.00
(k) License Roster Fee - $ 50.00
(l) Background Check Fee paid by applicant/licensee

(2) All fees are nonrefundable.

(3) Fees must be received at the Office of the Alabama Board of Massage Therapy on or before the proper due date, and in the proper form of payment for applications or renewals to be considered timely filed.