Licensure Requirements

The State of Alabama requires that anyone operating or advertising as a massage therapist or offering massage therapy services be licensed by this Board. All business or establishments offering massage therapy services must be licensed unless specifically exempt.

The Massage Therapist License requirements are a minimum of 650 hours from an accredited massage therapy school. Additionally, an applicant must have taken and passed either the NCBTMB exam or the MBLEx exam. Each Massage Therapist applicant must also produce evidence of a $1,000,000 Personal Liability Insurance coverage along with certified transcripts and verification of passing one of the approved exams.

An Application request form is available under the FORMS section of this website, at the cost of $25.00 (Cashier’s Check or Money Order) per application package.

The Massage Therapy Establishment License requirements are completion of the licensure application and producing evidence of professional liability insurance. The Massage Establishment application is under FORMS of this website.