• For Immediate Release

    The Alabama Board of Massage Therapy (the Board) was recently made aware that new products advertised to massage therapists have been introduced into the Alabama marketplace. Some of these new products claim to be approved by the Board and may contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). The use of oils, lotions or creams that contain THC are strictly prohibited in the State of Alabama. The Board has not reviewed or approved the use of any specific brand product for use in massage therapy. Any company claiming to have a product that has been approved by the Board is making a false statement. The Board encourages all licensed massage therapists to be aware of all ingredients contained in any product used when performing massage therapy.

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    You can download a consumer complaint form on this website to submit to our office if you wish to file a complaint on someone or a business. You can also be able to view the individuals and/or businesses that have been disciplined by the Board.



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